To join us

Basic policy of Kawakatsu Lab is to produce research achievements by postdoctoral fellows and foster excellent doctoral researchers.

We welcome those of you who has strong interest in Deep Space Mission Design with corresponding academic background to join our group either as a graduate student, a postdoctoral fellow. Please see related information below according to your intention.

Postdoctoral Study

Postdoctoral fellowship you can applied to come to ISAS/JAXA are listed as follows.

Please contact Prof. Kawakatsu more than two month earlier to the due date of the program.Interviews are set to judge the acceptance as the lab.

  1. JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research in Japan
  2. JAXA Aerospace Project Research Associate
  3. JAXA International Top Young Fellowship (ITYF)

Graduate Study

Basic policy of Kawakatsu Lab about graduate education is to foster excellent doctoral researchers, and we don’t accept students whose goal is a master’s degree. Please contact Prof. Kawakatsu sufficiently prior to the application due date. Interviews are set to judge the acceptance as the lab. Incoming students need to secure an external scholarship before enrollment (refer to Scholarship for examples).


Like most research groups in Japan, our group has no allocated funding to finance graduate students, however there are source funds which you can apply to study at SOKENDAI or TODAI as an international students. These scholarship are explained briefly as follows.

  1. Monbukagakusho Scholarship from MEXT (Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
    Many international students come to Japan with this scholarship. The scholarship covers, tuition fee and monthly stipend and can be applied thorugh two following programs. (a) Through recommendation of Embassy of Japan from your home country. Usually the deadline for applying scholarship is between April and May annually and may varies depends your country of origin, so be sure to check and contact embassy of Japan at your home country. (b) Through University recommendation. Unlike the first one, you will be recommended by a university in Japan, in this case, SOKENDAI or TODAI to MEXT. For university recommendation, usually additional to document based selection, there is also interview to the candidates. Applying to this program, you need to contact Prof. Kawakatsu first and state your intention.
  2. JSPS Young Researcher Fellowship for Doctoral Course
    This fellowship is open for either Japanese citizens or for international students, and it’s well known as one of the most prestigious fellowship among graduate students in Japan.
  3. Private Scholarships
    In some countries, Japanese companies might offer scholarship for students to study in Japan. Please check with Academic Section of your local Japan Embassy to find out the availability of such opportunities.

Encouragement of Kawakatsu Lab


Kawakatsu laboratory has a room for students (A1330) and a room for post-doctoral and visiting researchers (A1324). The student room is shared with Kawaguchi and Tsuda lab students.

Students in Kawakatsu Lab have a chance to attend an hour-long weekly meeting with Prof. Kawakatsu about their research progress. You may also join other lab members meeting.

Students of Kawakatsu lab are encouraged to attend international conferences because such events are very good opportunities to meet other researchers in the fields to get inspired. Travel expenses are generally covered by the laboratory.